About us

Silver and chinchila persian cats and kittens for sale

We are small cageless cattery of pure persians from the Czech Republic. We breed cats since the year 1996, but as pets only. It started during a holiday one day, which my husband had fallen in love with one british blue male. Because british cats were infrequent that time, my son and me bought pet blue persian boy as a gift for husband. His name is Mevanek and he still lives with us.

Later we bought another cats and now we have cattery registered with FIFe.



Our cats are old and they are retired from a breeding.


My thanks

Thanks for the cats, help and friendship to

Mrs Sona Ivankova for the love of my live - the girl Barunka

Mr Juraj Turcina - for so beautiful Hanicka

Mr Jitka Seichertova for the help with my breeding and showing

Ms Magda Kmoskova for the advice about cats and help with my showing and for her male Amulet for my girl Hanicka.

Mrs Huskova and Mrs Kratochvilova for practise advices about cats.

Thanks for all !!!!!