05-04-2012  We have the new girl silver chinchilla Diana Baby Silver Tornádo, CZ.

She obtained on her first shows 2 x CAC and nominations to Best in show.

Diana on the show Zilina, Slovakia, 2012

03-20-2011 Agi Uherske Hradiste - CACIB - he is new interchampion

03-19-2011 Agi - Uherske Hradiste - CACIB

03-13-2011  Agi - Bratislava - CACIB

Persian silver male Agi Antonio of Bodar at the showPersian silver male Agi Antonio of Bodar at the show


05-13-2010  Barbarella is champion

03-14-2010    MVM Bratislava - Agi and Barbarella

  • Agi Antonio of Bodar - CAC ... he is champion now

  • Barbarella of Bodar - the first CAC of her

AGI - MVM Bratislava 29.2.2010

01-23-2010    NVK v Uherském Hradišti - CAC

Agi - NVK Uheske Hradiste, CZ -23.1.2010Agi - NVK Uheske Hradiste, CZ -23.1.2010 

11-01-2009    MVM Zilina, Slovakia - Agi of Bodar - CAC, NOM

Agi at the show Zilina, Slovakia 8.11.2009

02-29-2009    MVM Bratislava, Slovakia  - Agi as a kitten - V1

Agi as a kitten at the show Bratislava 29.2.2009