CH. Hanach Wistaria, CZ, PER f 33/ Tortie Point, * 6.7.2003, DNA PKD negative

Valentino Wistaria, CZ

PER a 21 33 / Blue-Lynx Point 

Lucky-Smile le Jardin
PER a 23 / Blue Mack.Tabby
IC.Charleston von Spindeleben A
PER d 23 CPC / Red Mack. Tabby

GIC. Hein-Muck vun de Waterkant
PER n/Black

CH. Rappel Zappel da Luna A
PER f 21 33/Tortie-Lynx Point
IC. Honey Juki
PER n 33 / Seal Point
IC. Starbourne's Quikprint
EXO a 33/Blue Point exotic
IC. Tyland Joy in the Morning
PER b 33/Chocolate Point
Roseanna v. Spindeleben A
PER f 33 / Tortie Point
EC. Fullmoon's Moonraker
PER d 33 / Flame Point
GC Fullmoon's Once In A Blue
PER a 33/Blue Point
CH Fullmoon's Heart Attack
PER f CPC/Tortie
EC. Heather von Teramis
PER n 33 / Seal Point
IC Quite Rite von Teramis
PER w 61 CPC/White
Xenia von Teramis
PER f 33/Tortie Point

Mona Lisa Panda*PL

PER f 33/Tortie Point

Sunval Bugle Call
PER a 33 / Blue Point

CH Aok Pink Panther of Sunval
PER e 33/Cream Point

CH Sunval Maestro of Aok
PER n 33/Seal Point
CH Lotsapurr Angel Eyes of Aok
PER g 33/Blue-Cream Point

GC Sunvalīs Strip Tease
PER a 33 / Blue Point

GC Sunvalīs Chippindale
PER a 33/Blue Point
Sunvalīs Magic Moment
PER f 33/Tortie Point

Sunval My Valentine
PER f 33/Tortie Point


CH Rumples Gold Spike of Sunval
PER d 33/Flame Point

GC Madame Nuīs Gold Card of Rumples PER e 33/Cream Point

Rumples Do-Dee
PER d 

GC Sunval Caroussel
PER g 33/Blue-Cream Point

CH. Aok Pink Panther of Sunval
PER e 33/Blue Point
Sunval Ever True
PER n CPC/Black

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