Cattery Deste Paws

Dagmar Patkova


Websites, that I have done for me and my friends:


REMU-MARTIN - persian cats, CFA registered

von Wertfein - persian and ELH cats

Very-Lucky - persian and ELH cats

La Capuccino - pure persian cats

BODAR - pure persian cats - silver and chinchila

Oriens-Mau in memoriam - persian cats

Deste Paws - himalayan and CPC cats (colourpoint)

de Montespan - himalayan, ELH and CPC cats (colourpoint)

Grace Grey - chartreux cats

Keanu - persian and exotic cats

Modrá něha - russian cats

Baccara Bohemia - inactive cattery of persian and exotic cats

Wistaria - inactive cattery of colourpoints

KATY'S EDEN - persian and exotic cats, also colourpoints. Site is inactive.

Jan Štach - the cabinetmarker

Fire brigade Zdice -