About us

DESTE PAWS cattery is retiered.


DESTE PAWS (CFA) was a very small cattery of Himalayan cats. It was founded under the name DESTE in FIFe in 1990. I have been registering also with CFA since 1994. Since 2009 I have been registering with CFA exclusively. New I am an inactive breeder.

My cats came from lines Brigantina, Oakheaven, Whisperwood, Teahs, Karabel and other. I have tested my cats for PKD as one of the first breeders in the Czech Republic, because I considered this disease to be a serious problem in persian cats. Unfortunately I need due to unforeseen circumstances to turn my attention elsewhere. Cats are still part of my life , however, my health and age do not allow me to continue with a breeding.

Thanks to all friends, who helped and advised me during my way into the catfancy. And I hope that our friendship goes on.

Dagmar Patkova

Frystak, 2015

Perská kočka s černě želvovinovými odznaky