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My male comes from blood lines Harwood, Noblessa, Sugarspun, Budmar, Oriens-Mau (Kitty Charm, Jovan) and others.
We don't offer stud servis.



Now we have three damen in my cattery. They come from good lines Harwood, Noblesa, Kuorii, Copacats, Harborhill (Kitty Charm, Jovan), Framor, Bar-B, Blueskyeyes aj. and others.



All kittens from my cattery are presently "pure persian" by CFA, without exotic or himalayan lines.




14th of November, 2016

Our kittens from the litter "T" are sold.

Persian kitten for sale - TRAPACEIRA LA CAPUCCINO, CZ - PER f 03 24  / persian brown patched mck. tabby-white female (spotted)

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30th of July, 2015

We have new pure persian girl at our place.
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28th of March, 2015

Catshow Bojkovice, CZ

The ceremonial act. Opuléncia was awarded the title National Winner 2014 (NW).

Opuléncia La Capuccino is National Winners of the year 2014 - ceremonial act

7th - 8th of February, 2015

Catshow Vinicne, Slovakia

NW14 Opuléncia La Capuccino, JW
2x CAC, 2x BIS, 2x BOS IV

NW14 Opuléncia La Capuccino,CZ,JW - MVK Vinicne, Slovakia - 2x BIS, 2x BOS IV

6th of January, 2015

Our Opuléncia La Capuccino, JW is

13th of December, 2014

MVK Praha-Top Hotel, 2014

Our princess Opuléncia La Capuccino, JW, won the tenth Best In Show in kitten's category. We are very proud of her!

Opuléncia La Capuccino,CZ,JW - MVK Praha Top Hotel - BIS

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Welcome to cattery La Capuccino.

We are a small cattery and now we breed pure persian cats only. La Capuccino is FIFe & CFA registered cattery. All our cats are DNA PKD negative or come from DNA negative parents.

My name is Rudolf Matha and I live with my cat-darlings in our fantastic town Prague in Czech Republic. Most of my cats are bicolors.

We use persian only for our breeding, no exotic and himalayn lines in our bloodlines!!!

My goal is to breed persians with a sweet expression, big round eyes, small very well placed ears and cobby, good bones bodies.

Our cats came from lines Haendel (Noblessa, Harwood, Sugarspun and others), Remu-Martin (Oriens-Mau, Harborhill, Copacats, Bar-B, Pashaspride, Kitty Charm, Jovan and others in the back on their pedigrees).

NW13 Opuléncia la Capuccino, JW, PER f 02 / persian harlequin calico female

Nico La Capuccino, red pure persian male / PER d

NW13 IC Madeira La Capuccino, van calico female / PER a 01 62