We have more waifs than cats with pedigree. I’m writting about them here. It started and I become a breeder of cat with pedigree and member of Basic organisation in Zlín under Asociation breeders of cat. We love all cats.

Our pets Skrufux and Jolly Seth a Skrufux před krbem



ISIS – our first cat

This cat is foudress. I don’t beilieve that I will have 8 cats at home. Like a virgin in cats world, I have already had kitten. It was hard experince with cats ills. But now….she is madam in right age with wild mind.


The neuter who came himself to see us. He has a serene nature and loves to sleep or to play with others. He is one only cat who never needed a special care.
burm's twins


There are burm's twins. They were my cat's graduation. I read article on the website of one shelter about two burma‘s siblings which were looking for a new home.  We had exacting selection procedure but our new cats were here. They were very slim, shy, small and sneezing kittens. It was suspicious that they look like zoombie but they were hyperactive. Time, food, and love were medicine.Of course our vet and antibiotics. They are action and demolition commando today.
Burmese cats  Burmese cats

Blue British cat without pedigree. We had her from the first of April as well. She was present for girl of some bussinesmen. She did not want cat food. She scaried humand hand. Nefertiti or also Medva looks like teddy, she is pets and devil
Kočka Kočka
Naerea Skrůfux

I found her inside the carton. Kitten, which had almost one month and already have had shame with water. It looked like bad smell rat and sounded like a tractor. It was a little tortie with a runny nose nad eyes. She was our first so little kitten. Today she is a self-assured adolescent and is waiting to be spayed soon.