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24th of August 2010

WE have new kittens.


31th of July 2010

Show Prague 31th of July, 2010 - EC Dominik Kockohratky,CZ  obtained the title BIS veteran.


26,27th of June 2010


EC Dominik Kockohratky, CZ, PER n 02 62 / black-white harlequin
2 x BIS.

Always I like shows in Valtice very much because of a wonderful setting. Take a look at the castle below.

The castle in ValticeShow place

Dominik's pictures from that show

EC Dominik Kockohratky - 2 x  BIS

More pictures



21,22th of March 2010

Show Prague - Pyramida : Nancy obtained both days CAC and also certificat 3th best kitten of the category I. for year 2009 on the show.

3. místo - kotě roku v kat.I za rok 2009

Garfield of Blues Keanu, CZ was the tenth best persian and exotic kittens of the year 2009.


11th of March 2010

Since March 3, 2010 we are working on the new version of my site. I believe that you will like them the same as me and my webmaster.
I hope you will ENJOY and stay with us !!!!


14,15th of October 2009

Nany is JUNIOR WINNER on Saturday!!! 2 NOM.
My big congratulations.
Garfield of Blues Keanu - 2 x NOM


17,18th of October 2009

Prague, CZ - Nancy 2 x BIS
Garfield of Blues Keanu - NOM

Nancy - Pardubice 2009, 2 x BIS
Take a look at Nancy's gallery  HERE


3,4th of October 2009 

Show Liberec

Nancy - MVK Liberec 2009 

Nancy Blue Fantasy Hokami,CZ
BIS kitten in the category 3-6 months 

Garfield of Blues Keanu,CZ 

Garfield of Blues Keanu,CZ - both days V1 

And here you see one from my past kittens, which I met here in Liberec.

Drake, Sunny Day Keanu, CZ Drake, Sunny Day Keanu, CZDrake, Sunny Day Keanu, CZ

Drake, Sunny Day Keanu,CZ - EXO e03 24
That handsome boy was sold as pet.


29,30th of September 2009 

We have new girl Nancy Blue Fantasy Hokami, CZ - EXO g 22.
Show Chodová Planá - best kitten 3-6 monts 

Nancy Blue Fantasy Hokami, CZ - EXO g 22 

Many thaks Miluse for this beautiful girl.
Nancy'gallery is placed  HERE

Garfield, Boy of Blues  Keanu,CZ: V1 + NOM Garfield, Boy of Blues  Keanu,CZ: V1 + NOM  BIS

Garfield, Boy of Blues Keanu,CZ - EX1 + NOM BIS


11th of April 2009 

Show Hradec Kralove. Hestia obtained last CAGCIB. Now she is GIC.

11.4.2009 na MVUK v HK Hetinka last CAGCIB 



Show Pardubice - Hestia Piranoso - BIS a BOB IV. 

Hradec Kralove - Hestia - last CAGCIB Hradec Kralove - Hestia - last CAGCIB

Hestia Piranoso - Best of Best IV. 

Esther, Dangle Dolly – první CAC 
Her granddaughter Esther, Dangle Dolly – the first CAC.
Owner Mgr. Bc. Patricie Voborníková - Říhová


27th of July 2008 

Show Prague - Blues  obtained a title European champion. Because he don't like shows, there was his final show. Thank you, Blues, it was always a big pleasure to show such adorable male like you on shows.  

Blues Blues - diplom


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