GIC Hestia Piranoso,CZ - pedigree

Exotic blue-cream spotted tabby female

Han Solo Jamar,CZ
EXO a 03 24
blue-white-blotched tabby
EC Zaferano,DM
EXO n 24
black blotched tabby
GIC Tiger Floriade
EXO ns 22 62/black smooke tabbby
Ron Ron di Borgo Ala
PER a/Blue
Gr.CH Silvery Glow D Warthof
EXO fs 22 62/silver tortie tabby
EXO f 23/black patched tabby
Jaffna Tancredi
EXO d 23/red mack. tabby
Tumiturbi Sempre Piu
PER g/blue-cream
IC Isabelle Jamar,CZ
PER g 03
EC Pel di Carota del Fiore Nero,DM
PER d/red
Bar-B Mr. Cream
PER e/Cream
Bar-B Mr. Cream
PER e/Cream
CH Marylin Jamar
PER a 03/blue-white
IC Jack Hansen
PER a 03/blue white
Denny Monte Clea
PER f/tortoiseshell
Baby Love Panda*PL
EXO d 03 22
red-white-tabby exotic
Hammet TXS av Fagervoll,DM (CFA)
EXO d 03 22
Mashala Top Secret of Fagervoll
PER d 03 / red-white
GC Mashala Diamond-J-Son
PER e 03/cream-white
Harwood Weekend at the Beach
PER d/Red
CH Squire's Hotline of Fagervoll
EXO d / red exotic
GC Squire's Honey Bear of Condocat
EXO e/cream exotic
Squire's Legacy
EXO f/Tortie exotic
Mashala Diamond Jill (CFA)
PER e 02
cream-white harlequin
CH Rambo's Rocky Top Tennessee
PER d 03 / red-white
GC,NW Rambo's Rocky Mountain Sunrise,DM
PER d 03/red-white
GC,NW Charoe's Rosetta of Comarro
PER d/red
CH Mashala Moon Doll
PER f 03 / calico
CH Mchy's Formal Red of Mashala
PER n 03/black-white
CH Mashala Diamond Angel
PER e 03/cream-white




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